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OpenFOAM (the Open-source Field Operation And Manipulation library) is a C++ library allowing for numerical solving of complex physical phenomena with a strong focus on fluid dynamics. The library allows for the utilization of multiple processors/machines by making use of the Message Passing Interface (MPI).

The library ships with a large number of solvers and applications build on top of it allowing for a all-in-one solution for simulations.

Versions / Branches[edit]

Due to it's open-source nature a variety of branches and versions exist. The three main versions are:

  • ESI OpenFOAM: current version v1812
  • OpenFOAM foundation: current verion 6
  • foam-extended: the academic version with an extended capability. Current version is: 4

Architecture of OpenFOAM[edit]






Note: All OpenFOAM post-processing objects can also be run during the simulation; some post-processing objects even require this (for example mean, prime2Mean, probes for two-point correlation).

  • paraview: paraview is the primary visual post-processing tool. It is included with OpenFOAM though needs additional compilation if installation from source
  • fieldAverage: lets you calculate the temporal average (mean) as well as the standard deviation (prime2mean) of selected fields. If done during post-processing the average can only be calculated based upon the writte out fields!
  • forces: calculates the forces & moments acting on any given surface (patch).
  • sampling: offers a variety of sampling types (e.g. probes, lines, surfaces). If run in post-processing only the written fields are taken into account.

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